Heidi Dingfelder
Heidi Dingfelder's Fundraiser

Tools for Life

Because IQ Isn't Enough

$400 towards $2,000

Please join me in supporting Frameworks of Tampa Bay's year-end fundraising campaign. We can't prevent our kids from facing challenges, but we can give them the emotional intelligence tools they need to navigate those challenges.

Your support today will make it possible for Frameworks to continue and expand our programming in pre-K through 12th grade classrooms, working with educators to teach children and teens how to understand and manage their emotions, reactions, and relationships.

A recent study at Columbia University estimated that for every $1 we invest in Social and Emotional Learning, society receives $11 as a return on investment in the form of higher graduation rates and improved employment prospects. In other words, a gift of $100 ultimately has an impact of $1,100.

Building social and emotional skills takes time, but it is worth the investment. Help give our kids tools for life. Give now.