Amber Fetterman
Amber Fetterman's Fundraiser

Cultivate a Community of Caring

Be a Champion of Social and Emotional Learning

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Amber Fetterman's Fundraiser

Thank you to DEX Imaging for providing our $5,000 match! For every dollar you donate through the end of our campaign, DEX Imaging will match it up to $5,000!

At Frameworks of Tampa Bay, we believe that each child has the potential to handle life challenges and achieve success.

Each day in Tampa Bay, thousands of children come to school without the tools they need to accomplish their academic goals or successfully navigate complex social situations. They feel alone. They are burdened by the pain they are experiencing at home. They lack the confidence they need to overcome their insecurities. Students need a community of people rooting for them, lifting them up, and caring for them.

At Frameworks, we do our part to Cultivate a Community of Caring by equipping teachers with the knowledge they need to empower youth with social and emotional skills they can use to manage their emotions, develop healthy relationships, and make good decisions for academic, career, and personal success.

Be a Champion of Self-Awareness
Be a Champion of Self-Management
Be a Champion of Social Understanding
Be a Champion of Relationships
Be a Champion of Responsible Decisions
Be a Champion of Diversity
Be a Champion of Social Responsibility
Be a Champion of the Future

By being a champion of these concepts, you are being a champion of social and emotional learning (SEL).
When you are a Champion of SEL, you do your part to Cultivate a Community of Caring.